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January 7, 2011

Try the Diet Solution Program and start losing weight today!

Cinch Diet is not just another fad diet. Cinch was designed by nutritionist and health educator Cynthia Sass, M.P.H, R.D who is the creator and co-author of the New York Times Bestselling Flat Belly Diet.

Check out Cynthia Sass talking about the Cinch Diet on the Rachel Ray Show!

Cynthia Sass on The Rachel Ray Show for Cinch Diet

Cynthia Sass on The Rachel Ray Show for Cinch Diet

Cynthia was also on CBS, check out the video here!

This 30-Day diet will help you conquer the usual cravings you have with every diet.

What Cinch Diet ISN’T!

What Cinch Diet IS!

Join the rest of us that are alreay losing weight with the Cinch Diet. And let us know how you are doing by posting a comment below!

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  • ycnan

    just ordered book gonna do the 5 day plan and 5 foods while i wait on it to come

    • Anonymous

      Great. Let us know how it works out for you.

  • Kim Watterson Farabaugh

    Do you eat the chocolate on the 5 Day Fast Forward, too?

    • ksm

      no, unfortunately.

      • ksm

        only these 5 foods on the 5 day fast forward plan: eggs, spinach, non-fat plain yogurt, almonds, and raspberries

        • Samantha

          I am allergic to Almonds, can I substitute with a different nut? 

    • Barbara

      My understanding is that we have chocolate every day including the initial 5 day. I read the book and that’s what it looked like to me. I used her truffle recipe – super easy, and followed the instructions that when you do have the chocolate you can’t be doing anything else – no t.v. on, etc. Not to overdramatize but it has truly been a fantastic chocolate exerience.

  • Kim Watterson Farabaugh

    Do you eat the chocolate on the 5 Day Fast Forward, too?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, you get to have 1 piece of dark chocolate (50 – 100 calories) everyday. You can’t beat that!

      • Ironqueen

        No, you don’t eat the chocolate until after the fast forward.

        • Virgosoul

          iron queen is right- after 5 day- its only spinach, eggs, yogurt, raspberries, almonds (or butter); spices, green tea, balsamic….. cant think of rest right now…. not using others

          • Virgosoul

            i think orange juice, maybe or…. ugh cant remember!

  • DidineV

    Is there anything to substitute the almonds for. I am allergic

  • Bpenn08

    does anyone know what you can sub in for the almonds? im allergic

    • AZ girl

      1 oz. un-roasted almonds (20-24 nuts)
      1 oz. dry roasted pistachios (45-47 nuts)

      Both nuts have 160 calories per ounce.  Both have 6 grams of protein per ounce. Almonds have 14 grams of fat per ounce and pistachios have 13 grams of fat per ounce.  They seem to be quite similar.  Hope this helps.  Not sure if the author of the plan would approve, but I’d personally give it a try if I had the almond allergy.  Good luck.

  • Karenbaladey

    After i do the 5 Day Fast Forward diet, can I skip breakfast to continue the rest of her program?

    • Lizzie Charles

      If you want to lose weight and keep it off – you can never skip breakfast.  Hard to believe, maybe harder to accept… but true.  And not so hard really.  It’s creating the habit that takes discipline, but once you’ve jumped that hurdle, you’re there…

      Good luck!

  • Emily

    love this diet so much! such good food, and im always full! <3 lost 6 lbs already, in less than a month

  • Tiffany

    I just completed Day 3 of the Fast Forward and I’ve lost 5.4lbs! This is easy!

  • Exstacy14317

    I am trying this diet also and I am also allergic to almonds. if anyone can help please email me at thanks so much.

  • Cooko

    I know the green tea is really good to help those the weight but it give me a bad headache. Is there something else that works, or is it ok to not drink it?

    • Emma Clites

      You don”t have to drink Green tea, it’s a tool to help in the weight loss, but if you aren’t used to caffeine, or it just doesn’t agree with you, there are other beverages listed in the book.

  • Dhamiltonlynne

    Just started day one of the fast forward. I have been drinking 6-9 diet cokes a day and do not think I can just quit cold turkey. Will it absolutely destroy results if I cut down to one or two a day? I am doing everything else and drinking green tea but the caffeine headache is killing me.

    • Moviegirlknt

      I too have an addiction to Diet Coke and decided to go cold turkey with the fast forward. This was a BAD idea for me. I have done very well with it the majority of the time but I have cheated at ever evening meal. On the first day I broke down and had 2 diet cokes, day 2 I had 1/2 a can of diet coke and last night I had 2 diet cokes. It’s still much less than I normally drink. I thought I drank diet coke for the caffeine but i’m drinking the green tea and I still crave the fizzy and taste of the diet coke!

      • Jessica Ferguson

        if it’s the carbonation you need you can get carbonated fruit juices.  Look at the acceptable drinks.  As long as the only ingredients are carbonated water and fruit then you’re fine.

    • Emma Clites

      Your best bet is to tackle your roadblocks one at a time – babysteps. Don’t try to do all of it at once because you won’t be able to stick with it. Soda is definately a problem that you want to deal with, though. It leaches calcium from your bones, because it makes your body highly acidic.And when your body is acidic, your body forms fat around organs to protect them from the acid. Green Tea has caffeine, so if you can replace your sodas that you are giving up with green tea, and then slowly try to go down from there, it may help.

  • Gremlen14

    I have tried the 5 Day fast forward 2x, doubling the eggs and yogurt the second time as suggested in the book, but I am still really light headed and my thoughts are fuzzy. i am hypoglycemic, but I followed the Flat belly diet and it worked great I just havent been able to get it to work for me since having my youngest and gaining all the weight and then some back. I really like the food in this & the flat belly…should I just go to the 30 day plan…I have bloating and the 5 day helps plus I really need the 1st big loss, but I can’t make it past midday day 2.

    • Emma Clites

      Sass says that you should go to the 25 day plan if you have problems sustaining through the day. I would also suggest getting your blood pressure checked. I have had problems in the past with other programs and I had low blood pressure, a pinch of salt did the trick and I felt much better. Maybe you should try the first week of flat belly and then come back to cinch for the rest of the month. If you are hitting roadblocks, it may not be your fault, I went through a year of plateaus and finally went to an endocrinologist to find that my hypoglycemia has become diabetes. I also have pcos. I started on metformin a week ago and already my cravings are much more controllable.

  • Singh

    I’m on my 5th day of the fast forward and lost 5 lbs!! I’m amazed! I don’t feel deprived and I’ve enjoyed the meals.

  • Carla

    Can you substitue blackberries for the raspberries?

    • SanDiegoRules!

      Most likey the reason the rasberries are used, is they contain a high amount of fiber. 1 cup of fresh rasberries has 8.4 grams of FIBER & 14.2 carbs. & 60 calories.
      1 cup of fresh Blackberries has 7.8 grams of FIBER & 18.4 carbs. & 75 calories. Both are close, however rasberries wins in higher fiber, lower carbs & lower calories. If you can afford it, I would suggest buying these as pesticide free and locally grown. Buying these as ORGANIC would be better, but pesticide free is still good and healthy for you.

  • Aqua Woman

    I am just starting this today, and I have 2 questions:

    1) During these 5 days, can I eat anything else besides these 5 foods. Can I add any vegetables or something like olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make spinach salads?

    2) Are there any quantity or portion recommendations or requirements?

    • Virgosoul

      no olive oil at all- cynthia said on the racheal ray show that you can sautee spinach in green tea; balsamic is fine; im not sure bout portions either- and i have problem with that

  • Sara

    Have questions after reading the book and on day 4 of fast fwd: What if you have 75lbs to lose, can you insert the fast fwd plan once a week, once a month, after you have a cheat day/evening? How much can you plan to lose on the core plan? Do you have meal plans for a week, and can you insert a fast fwd meal for breakfast and mix it with core? Tell me where your response will be…SJ

  • Yemaja30

    What can we drink and not drink on this diet???? It talks about the foods we can have but what about juice, coffee, tea, or just water???

  • Anonymous

    I am about to go on the Cinch Plan in two days and I am looking for support from fellow followers of the plan. This is the very first blog I have ever done. I have struggled with weight for too long and I really want to succeed with the program. Thank you..

    • kimber

      I have done Weight Watchers mostly and this is so much easier. I did the fast forward and lost 6 lbs. Today, after 4 weeks I’ve lost 13 lbs. After you get the hang of it, its a Cinch! I even went away for the weekend, I still managed to stay on track and lose a little.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Kim,
        I appreciate your input. I have only lost 3 lbs during the fast forward and
        that is with walking 4 miles daily. I have to be more patient, obviously.


        • kimber

          Have you been following the regular plan now? For me, the weight has been fairly steady coming off. I workout 3-4 times a week. I am hungrier on those days and some days eat slightly more. One problem I have found is the timing of meals on those days. I workout at 5:15am and don’t want to eat beforehand. I don’t get home until 7:00am. I know you are supposed to eat within an hour of waking up, but it doesn’t work sometimes. I think we all need to fit the plan into our lives as closely as you can.

        • KeaP

          For all those exercising more than what’s recommended in the book while you do the fast forward, take caution. You really have to watch how many calories you’re burning vice how many you consume. I know we’re not counting calories here, but when you’re not equaling out, your body will go into starvation mode and store the calories as fat and you probably won’t lose weight the way you would’ve if you just do light exercise like what’s recommended.

          • Cuznvin

            She doesnt suggest work out during the fast forward.

  • Ross

    looking to do the 5 day plan with my husband. Not clear on how to adjust portions based on current weight. He is 235 (trying to lost 35 lbs) and I’m at 140 (trying to lose 10). I cant imagine we both eat the same amounts.. Any ideas?

  • Elasp

    Just finished the first day of the Fast Forward program. I never drink caffeine so it’s not withdrawal, but I have a terrible terrible headache. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • KeaP

      Normal for some people. It really helps to drink the recommended amount of water or more. The headaches should ease up.

    • Virgosul

      can you drink caffeine in the AM/

  • Missybean4

    Hi,I’m doing the 5 day plan.. I hate yogurt.. Can I use anything in its place???I survived the first day with the yogurt, bu tI’m not sure I can last 4 more days with yogurt.. Any advise??

  • S8ntck

    Just out of curiosity, how many of you are working out along with the 5 day fast forward because I’m currently doing P90x along with the Cinch plan and I’m getting ready from my prom so I just wanted to know the weight loss of those working out regularly versus those who are not.

    • kimber

      I’ve done P90X and its very intense. You may need to increase what you eat, but I’m not sure. I’m not sure if the book addresses that. On the fast forward, I lost 6 lbs. but I was doing my regular workouts and they’re not as intense as P90. Good luck!

    • KeaP

      Exercising on the fast forward plan is addressed in the book.

      • Virgosoul

        I’m on a wait list for the book at the library! cant affor to buy it! can anyone answer this question on the post?

    • Jessica Ferguson

      In the book she said something about telling her husband to drink a protein drink before working out and she talks about going for walks but that’s pretty much it.

  • julie

    day one finished of the fast foward program, I work nights and am usually to busy to make the yogert meal, so am not sure how that meal will work. I had to split the salad meal in to two seperate meals, couldnt eat all that at once. I did add a low fat string cheese with the second half. I work out 1-3 hours most days so plan on adding an extra egg white or a serving of skim milk for the protein. Good luck everyone, I think this is a great jump into a clean eating plan.

  • Missy

    I’m just reading the book now. Got it out of the library and ready 3/4 in two days. This is very interesting and definitely most health. In reading the book, I found this is basically how my parents eat! Dad’s 95 and Mom’s 90 and they are in great health! God Bless them. NOW, I’m very excited to start this way of life (notice – not eating plan or diet). Everything here is health and just plain right. I’ve tried lots of diets only to put the weight back on. I just spent over 200 dollars on Sensa and tried it only for a few days and thought, this just isn’t health….. Now, I am going to the book store and buying the book because I know it will be right next to me on the kitchen table. I can feed my husband and son healthy because this is all just plain great food…..I like the 5 piece puzzle too, makes it easy to remember. I’m a bit hesitant to try the 5-day fasting because of my blood sugar (low), but I’m going to try it and if I have problems perhaps I just add a bit more protein. Very excited here……Thank you Ms. Sass…..

  • Missy

    Sorry – that’s “read 3/4 in two days”, not ready!

  • ceecee

    From the questions that I see here, I would suggest for many people that they should read the instructions in the book carefully.

    I did the diet as instructed for 5 days. I did not add anything to it. I understood that along with restricting my caloire intake, I was to learn how to deal with being a bit hungry from time to time.

    Doing so has helped me see that I can handle eating much less than I usually do. So, on the sixth day, when I went out to dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday, I didn’t go overboard as I usually do at restaurants. I didn’t even have dessert. Didn’t want any!

    I am 57, so I didn’t expect to lose a lot on those kickstart days. I did lose 4 pounds.

    So now it’s also about planning what I eat. On my fifth day, I planned exactly what I was going to eat on the sixth day, even selecting from the restaurant’s website what I was going to order.

    I hope I can keep up this conscious eating. I can do with less, especially with the use of the seasonings she suggests.

  • JSC

    I am on day 7 of the plan and doing very well. What have been the results after a few months or more after completing the plan? Is this plan long lasting weight loss?

  • JSC

    On day nine and now I seem stuck. I really have not lost any ore weiht. Has this happened with anyone else?

  • Dianed1974

    Finished the 5 day fast forward. Lost 6 pounds!


    To me the 5 Day Fast sounds like a starvation diet. For 5 days you are only eating 880 calories. Thats not healthly. As soon as you stop the fast you will put the weight back on.

    • aMiEg25

      actually, i calculated it as 1500 calories and was surprised that it was so many … the two tablespoons of almonds is about 167 calories each time, and since you’re incorporating that ingredient in all 4 meals, it adds up.

  • Zdaone

    Love this plan, simple to follow and it works! Nothing ever worked for me before. I used to watch everyone else lose while I didn’t! Now I found something that is not a diet but a health way to eat and I am Cynthia’s biggest fan, hopefully shrinking to a smaller fan as the weight drops off!

  • Guest

    can we chew gum while on the 5 day fast forward?

  • guest

    what to do if you don’t like raspberries?

    • Cuznvin

      You can use other berries with good results

  • vic

    is there a substitute for raspberries? i really don’t like them. also, can i chew gum?

    • Barbara

      I thought I like raspberries until I had to start eating 4 cups a day. On day 2 they are making me gag. Since I spent a fortune on fresh and frozen raspberries I’ll use up the fresh and only use the frozen ones for the evening smoothie. I’m hoping substituting strawberries will give a similar result.

      • renee

        Ill never eat rasberrys again. i too felt like throwing up at the thought of eating more of them and that was after one day. i cant do the 5 day fast forward just because of the berries. anyone know what i could substitute for them? bananas? and the dinner sald was disgusting i changed it to boiled spinich with garlic and pepper, with a boiled egg.

    • anonymous

      I chewed gum one of the days.

  • Nancyri

    What if you are lactose intolerant?  I am afraid to eat that much yogurt.

    • Cuznvin

      There is a company that makes lactose free yogurt and milk products.

  • Msmarciblues

    someone help me, please? I’m a skinny woman trapped inside of this fat woman and I can’t seem to get out!

    • Jam1024

       why would you post this? completely irrelevant. your on the website of a great diet solution now, so do it.

      • <3LadyLuck<3

        “Eh-hem” Jam1024,

        On your comment,  Some people… have all different ways of asking for help/support! For, me and using this “great diet solution”, coming here is a great way to get some supportive feedback, positive thoughts, and helpful suggestions! But it gets me when people can be snappy and kinda rude… it’s not like i am forcing them to reply, jeez, lmao! Encouraging others to a healthier way of life is wonderful, but even smallest of words ( ie: “So”, “Irrelevant”, “Why?” ). Can, be discouraging and hurtful… to someone that is suffering from self-esteem problems, (some more then others), so basically are you telling them who cares, shut-up! Myself, i usually use humor… when someone makes a inappropriate comment! And, i am not that over-weight… but my mom is over-weight, and had to deal with all the cruel comments, etc. Hey, what can i say? Maybe, i am just one of those “people” that are hypersensitive, with a low self-esteem BUT… i doubt, it! ”Criticisms, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a persons growth without destroying their roots”. ~F, Clark.

    • Virgosoul

      i though it was a bit of comic relief and i loved it! we are all striving every day to be better and weightloss is a part of that- you know you can be healthy and fit, because your mind says so (on the inside) so yes, it is relevant!!! support…. people! c’mon!

  • T Ducnansmith

    This is a ridiculous and dangerous dieting strategy.  I would advise all those considering this form of weight loss to contact their family physicians first.  Ideally you should construct a safe, sustainable strategy for weight loss that relies solely on lifestyle modification.  There is no secret to weight loss;  if you metabolize more energy than you consume you will lose weight.  A Cinch of a concept.  

    The strategy here will end up with a “yo-yo” effect as it won’t be sustainable.  The worst part is that the diet doesn’t even claim to be a sustainable solution for weight loss.  It is simply a result of slick marketing – what is essentially a new spin of an age old concept is transformed into the “confidence boost” to get people to change their ways.  If there is clinically significant research from reputable evidence-based resources for this strategy, I’d like to see it.  

    Please, don’t be taken by this beautiful woman.  She may want to help you, but I guarantee she cannot do it this way.

    • Motivatedbink0809

      I agree the 5 day fast forward plan could be alittle dangerous especially if you’re working out as well and I also see how if you start the plan for a few weeks lose some weight and then start piggin out again how it could cause a “yo yo” affect and how you could gain it all back and then some but I don’t think this diet is unhealthy.. your able to eat 4 meals a day and each meal  has 5 different componets to that all healthy and fresh and the recipes are healthy wholesome meals soo i think if someone was to stick to it it’d actually be very good for you

      • Cuznvin

        If you read the book you would see she doesnt suggest working out during the fast forward.

    • newlyhealthy

      I think you need to view this “5 day diet” as exactly what Dr. Sass calls it-a detox, a cleanse.  She said herself, this is a kickstart to a lifestyle change.  It’s a 5 day program, not a 5 year program.  If you want to call a diet dangerous, look at the Atkins diet. Eating 20 carbs a day when you need roughly 300 is dangerous.  It takes a toll on the heart.  Not to mention, many carb friendly foods and drinks are loaded with aspartame (sugar-free and diet products) which are also harmful to the heart.  This 5 day diet it a detox, it’s a jumpstart.  It is not intended as a long term diet.  The cinch diet itself contains whole grains, protein, fruit, veggies, all the essentials. Of course it’s not sustainable, that’s why it’s a 5 day program–to be followed by lifestyle changes-subbing unhealthy fatty foods for good foods.  If this were a one month detox, yes, people would have plenty of reason to worry, but it is (once more) a 5 DAY PROGRAM.  Clearly, you think it to be a negative program, but if in 5 days a person can kickstart a new lifestyle, then it’s great.  Take it from me.  In 5 days,  I lost 7 pounds.  And went on to replace fast food and soda with these healthy 4 meals a day.  And here I am, months later, size 8, 120 pounds lighter, asthma free and beating diabetes.  And my family physician couldn’t be happier.

      • Amberlee_stl

        That’s amazing!!  Great job!!

      • Virgosoul

        thank you ‘newlyhealthy’ for posting this comment; that was exactly what the point is… a cleanse and a jump start to healthy eating. she never said you had to sustain this type of eating permanently.

        • Virgosoul

          and congratulations on doing so well managing your helath, asthma and diabetes ! i am proud of you!!!

      • optimist

        this sounds wonderful!  How many months did it take you to lose 120 pounds?  Good for you!  you must be so happy…..was it all using the cinch diet plan?

      • Susanmnorth

        WOO HOOOO dear newlyhealthy~!!!  120 pounds and healthier is an accomplishment that takes courage and control.  Kudos and applause from a 56-year-old woman who strives to stay healthy and honour the joy in others.  I go on this 5-day plan occasionally and always feel great!  It is truly a detox for me.  I follow it with healthy eating (all the food groups) and also have my reward days – eating and enjoying my favorite foods!!!!!!!  Hope your  healthly choices continue…………grammasue

    • Lorie

      Not So,   Have been on plan for 8 months. I make adjustments to my regular family meals, and it works great.  Have lost 106, pounds.  Easiest diet I have ever been on, and truly easy to stick to for a life time.    

  • Sandikk9

    The diet sounds great. I would love to follow it. One problem: I have a condition called Barrots Esophogous, which doesn’t allow me to eat berries(anything with seeds). What can I substitute for rasberries or blueberries?

  • Monique Pierpont

    This book is great. Haven’t finished it yet. A lot of it I already knew but other things were an eye opener. All it is is fresh ingredients but the emphasis on herbs, vinegars and citrus make so much sense. Something that I wasn’t really conscious of before. You can get all of your sweet and salty flavors through these items without adding salt and sugar.
    I am on day 2 of the Fast Forward part. I have lost 1lb so far and I feel fine.
    My problem with food is not that I have a poor diet but that I love food so portion control is not in my vocabulary. I am hoping with these recipes and tips I can change my eating habits and amounts plus eat even healthier than before.
    My biggest problem with the Fast Forward plan is that I HATE no fat plain yogurt with a passion. How can I sweeten it up for the next 4 days? Cinnamon isn’t doing the trick. Nor nutmeg. This Parfait is a huge challenge for me.

    • Ramrkc

      Try Stevia Sweetner.  It is all natural.

      • Jessica Ferguson

        we used agave nectar 

    • Becky

      I know this reply is late for you, but maybe some other people can benefit. I had trouble with that one too. I used fresh orange juice to sweeten the yogurt a bit. It doesn’t sweeten it totally, but it does help.

      You can have up to 1/4 cup of citrus juice a day and i took full advantage of that. In the morning I filled a measuring cup with 1/4 cup of juice and divided it up throughout the day. I used a LOT of cinnamon and some cardamom too. I hated the parfait so much that I just decided to whip it into a smoothie. It was much easier to get down that way.

      Soldier through and it really works. I lost 7 1/2 lbs in those 5 days!

    • Dorifabbri

      Buy at the health store Stivia has 0 calorie it will make the yogurt sweet. Do not put to much one time it will be too sweet. Do it gradualy taste first then increase the amount. Read up on Stevia in the web. Just know that it is natural, non toxic or cancerous. I use it a lot when I need to make my food sweet. Good luck

  • Motivatedbink0809

    I want to start this plan and started reading the book and i love all the foods it incooperates.. the only problem is my boyfriend eats whatever he wants whenever he wants and it has yet to affect him whatsoever and its allll junk my house is full of junk and when we make dinner with the kids and for all of us as a family is not always the healthiest, so I’m worried about having to make my own special meals seperate from the family and spending extra money on foods most likely i will be the only one eating. Not to mention the temptation i will always have seeing everybody eat burgers, fries, pizza and etc.. in front of me.. since i’ve moved in with my boyfriend ive gained weight too I’m not trying to blame it on him but i’ve never ate this bad before. I really want to do this but think it will be extremely difficult in my household.. anybody have any tip or suggestions for me or anybody in the same situation??


      yes! here’s some tips:
      1. ask him to make dinner as often as possible so you dont have to smell all the good smells; if he loves you, he will make the sacrifice! 
      2. eat earlier than them, so you’re not starving and drink lots of water- many times people think they are hungry when in actuality the body is trying to tell you it’s thirsty.
      3. leave the house for the half hour or hour that they’re eating and ask that they put everything away before you get back- go to the gym or take a walk or do ANY errand so you dont have to be there
      4. i think you can chew gum, not sure, but that helps me because my mouth is doing something.
      5. separate the bad foods into just one cabinet that you dont have to access for any of your things so you dont have any reason to go in there and see all the delicious treats you cant have.if yu dont have  a separate place, try to put them in a box; milk crate; anything like that
      6. talk on the phone- so you cant eat! i’ve been developing my relationships more than ever!


  • wen

    I love the scramble and the spinach salad.  I cannot stand rasberries.  I am splitting the almond butter to have the smoothie twice.  Can you substitute another berry>  Strawberries?

  • jasmine

    I want to start the diet but everyone tells me that im just going to loose water weight and gain it right back?

  • leigh

    I’m on day 4 of the fast forward plan and have lost 6 pounds. I didn’t buy the book so I’m just going off what Cynthia said on Rachel Ray (which may be my problem). The first day was great and I haven’t been real hungry but I’m sooo sick of the 5 ingredients that I’m dreading my next meals. I’m not sure of what I can have to drink so I’m sticking with water and green tea. I do feel better than I have in a while because I have more energy. I’m also excited to see results in my weight loss but i’d do just about anything for a cheez-it!!!

    • Virgosoul

      amen! love those!!!!!!!

  • Angitia63

    I’m confused about the Scramble breakfast for Fast Forward: is it one whole egg OR 3 egg whites…or is it one whole egg AND 3 eggs whites?

    • Mmejolie


  • Found Mo Jo

    Finished the 5 day 5 ingredients fast forward plan: pounds lost: 11lbs Yeay, 

  • Concerned

    Does this plan work without nuts of any kind?? We do not have nuts in the house as my husband has a life threatening allergy to all nuts? Can one substitute seeds like pumpkin seeds instead??

    • Cuznvin


  • Tonya

    I’m starting the 5 day fast-forward plan tomorrow but decided since I wasn’t too hungry this evening, I would make a smoothie.  I didn’t have any almond butter (will pick some up tomorrow) so I just used the Fego 0% greek yogurt and the raspberries.  It was so bitter I could hardly drink it.  Any ideas?  I’m not a real raspberry fan anyway but I am willing to try if I can get them down my throat :)
    Thank You

    • Virgosoul

      hold your nose- works like a charm with anything i dont like the taste of. TRY IT!!! I GUESS OUR MOTHERS WERE RIGHT! it really does completely hide the taste- wierd how that works

  • Tonya

    I just finished day 1 of the fast-forward plan.  I have to say that I have been starving all day and I HATE plain yogurt.  It is horrible.  I think I can live with the raspberries but I’m not sure about the yogurt.  Can I replace it with non-fat vanilla yogurt?


      thats exactly what i JUST did- today was the first day. i dont know if that was right, but a cleanse is a cleanse, so im picking up the book at the libarry so we’ll see!

      • Tonya Storm Kent

        I messed up, so I started over again today.  I am STARVING.  What am I doing wrong?

  • Shandy59

    Does anyone have a recipe for Taco seasoning. I’ve always bought the little packets but I know they are loaded with salt and preservatives.

    • aMiEg25

      garlic, paprika, chili powder and cayenne or crushed red pepper to taste.

  • Helen1715

    I HATE YOGURT!  Is there something else I can eat on this diet with equivalent nutrition?

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so I am confused. I just finished the fast forward, lost 4 lbs. Was hungry but made it thru and learned alot from the experience and I looked forward to every meal! Now I am trying to figure out the core plan. Do you follow the same eating schedule at same times: breakfast,lunch,dinner,snack? Also what am I supposed to eat for a snack? The snack recipes seem complicated. Can I do the yogurt, almond butter,fruit like I did before? Also, if 1/4 cup of chocolate chips is a plant-based fat, and you are supposed to have chocolate everyday, can you can a total of 1/2 cup in a day? I feel like I am having to jump around in the book alot trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance.

  • Ashley

    Day one of the 5 day cleanse. Expensive but so far delicious and filling!

  • Kimschuh

    Just finished my first five days and I lost 10 pounds! My husband lost eight.

  • Lorie

    Hey out there anyone been on the diet or “plan” as i call it, long term?   I have been on plan 8 months so far down 106 pounds.   Just wondering how others are doing.   Easiest plan i have ever tried, feel very much like i have made a life altering permanent change in eating habits.    L

  • Aly

    Question regarding the California Chicken Cilantro Burrito Bowl recipe.  The recipe says to saute the chopped peppers and onions in the vegetable broth until tender and set aside.  But the recipe never says what you’re supposed to do with the pepper, onions and broth.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

  • JamesO

    I did some quick calorie math after my first day(Not the Fast Forward), and I had a -744 consumption for the day (1800 Calories from food, RMR 1400(very old test result), 1144 Calories burned working out).  On average, I burn 800 calories a day working out.  I wasn’t hungry today, but I’m concerned that doing this long term will send me into starvation mode.  Should I bump up the calories to get closer to 500?

  • Cthomas

    I just started this diet and seem to be averaging a weight loss of 2 pounds per day.  I could not do the 5 day as I dont like yogurt and or tofu- so I am modifying it.

    I have the spinach, almonds, raspberries 3 times a day- egg- eggwhites or protein substitute 2 times a day and I feel amazing.

    I am making batches of green tea with Zest and Cinnamin, my own dressings ( apple vinegar, with cayenne papper, herbs and a dash og oj).  Lots of water.  LOVE IT.

    My lunch was spinach salad with fresh strawberries, figs and my dressing… and I was full- almonds on the side.
    In lieu of a  yougrt smoothie, I take
    1 cup of almond milk, 1/2 up berries (either raspberries, strawberries or blueberries) a few ice cubes and make a delcious drink.

    I have not had meat and form and dont miss it… as a carnivourous lady- I never thought I could be a vegan

  • Jeanene49

    I just finished reading the book and am excited about getting started with this plan.  I am having trouble deciding whether or not I want to try the Fast Forward or just begin with the Core Plan.  I don’t have a problem with any of the five Fast Forward foods, but I’m not sure I can stand those same four meals every day for five days!  At the same time, I see the value in detoxing and resetting my body.

  • Baciamille

    Can you substitute any other berries for raspberries? Blueberries or strawberries?

  • Cyndib5

    I have a question that I can’t find answered in the book. Why is water intake limited in it’s amounts? It said, what, 10 or 11 cups a day maximum? Why can’t more water be drunk? Otherwise, this diet looks fabulous and I will be anxious ot start my own 5 day Fast Forward.
    Thank you,
     Cyndi Burica

  • Mary

    can I use vanilla?

  • Stephanie Scharf

    I’m on week three of my Cinch! journey and lovin’ it! Check out my blog for my meal plans and meal reviews -

  • Intolerantcook

    I am intolerant to casein, gluten, soy, yeast and eggs. can I use a vegan protein powder to replace both eggs and yogurt?Any other ideas?

  • Pat

    On day 1 of the Fast Forward part of the eating plan.  I agree with the others I am already sick of raspberries, not to mention the cost of fresh ones in December where I live. 

    I am also gagging on the late night snack smoothie – the taste of almond butter with the raspberries and yogurt is revolting.  I wonder if I could make the smoothie and just eat the almond butter off the spoon separately.  Anyone have any suggestions to make this “treat” more palatable?

  • JJ

    I am allergic to berries. Any suggestions for substitutions?

  • Pat

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have lost 50 pounds on Cinch; I am 66 years old and have tried every plan you can name and this is the only one I can easily manage and continue for the rest of my healthy life!  Because I have diabetes, I did not do the 5 day detox.but rather started the actual plan and am still going strong.  

  • Dbkpenn

    i started this 4 months ago and have lost about 7 lbs.  it seems slow but i’m a slow loser.  i’ve tried every diet and this works for me.  i love the food suggestions and really feel the inches lost.  i tried to eat red meat last week and was repulsed.  Ditto with sugary treats.  went to dq for a small twist in a cup and only ate half..i have never turned down sweets or not finished in 50 plus years.  i love not counting points and paying money to watch what i eat.  i let the mirror and the way my clothes fit reward me.

  • ConticelloC

    Can I add Stevia as sweetner in my tea and foods?  I hate the taste of plain nonfat yogurt. So sour and bitter taste. but it is good on dips and cooking. I used coconut milk yogurt which it is sweet than regular one.. it is expensive in Whole Food Market.Like

  • anonumous

    This 5 day detox is amazing! I am on day 4 and already down 7lbs. I had so much energy and I wasn’t even hungry throughout the day. I substituted Blueberries for Rasberries and it all was amazing. I used a lot of cinnamon and garlic for these 4 days and I am happy to say my mid section is a lot slimmer. I recommend this fo anyonw especially those that have hit a plateau!